Convert your bike into an e-bike by using this simple tool-free converter

Cycling is a great hobby and it is not restricted to any specific age group. While many prefer to use a traditional bike, the new generation of bikers use e-bikes or electric bike. Even though the purpose of both the bikes is same, an e-bike offers various safety features that are not present in the traditional bike. However, an e-bike costs multiple times more than a regular bike. If you are someone who wants to convert your traditional bike into an e-bike without spending lots of money you can use the PikaBoost conversion kit.

The PikaBoost conversion kit is designed by American manufacturer Livall and can convert you bike to e-bike in few minutes. Installing the kit is very simple and users need to fix it on the seat post of their bicycle. It is compatible to every bicycle frame as well as tire. The kit rests on the rear wheel of the bike and can be used to assist when needed.

The kit consists of a removable battery with a capacity of 234 Wh and can be fully charged in 3 hours. A full charge offers 30 km of range. PikaBoost comprises of 18 cells of 18650 battery (3.5Ah per cell) and has a weight of just 3kgs.

The regenerative system of the kit activates when the brakes of the bike are applied or downhill. The kit can also charge your daily use gadgets like smartphones or other gadgets as it gets a USB socket in it. The kit locks automatically if the cyclist’s cell phone is not near. In case you are wondering about its durability, the PikaBoost conversion kit gets IP66 protection. This means that it is resistant to sand, dust, and water.

In terms of driving modes, there are three modes offered on the kit. It includes hold, roll and sport modes. The PikaBoost kit will be launched in November 2022 through a Kickstarter campaign. The price starts at US $299 and includes a limited-period discount.

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