China to launch AI-powered sex dolls, Here’s all you need to know

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is taking over everything that a human can do. Now, China is all set to launch AI-powered sex dolls to provide life-like experiences to users.

A Shenzhen-based company called Starpery Technology is set to launch these dolls. The company’s CEO, Evan Lee recently informed that the company is developing a next-generation sex doll that can talk and interact physically with users. These features of the AI-powered sex dolls can provide a much more engaging and lifelike experience.

Reportedly, these dolls will be different from traditional sex dolls as they will be packed with advanced sensors and AI. With this invention, the company aims to create an emotional connection, making these AI companions far more than just tech toys.

Describing the features of the sex dolls, these dolls are 172 cm in height with 29 kg of weight. Earlier, the dolls were of 40 kg weight. The company is presently working on its battery life and human muscle-like flexibility.

Currently, these dolls are priced at around $1,500 (Rs 1,25,140 approximately), much cheaper than advanced models like Abyss Creations’ Harmony doll, which starts at $6,000 (approx Rs 5,00,562).

These dolls are set to be launched by August 2024. Furthermore, the company aims to develop that can do household chores, help people with disabilities, and provide aged care by 2025.

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