Check out these five important security features of WhatsApp

Now-a-days, we use WhatsApp on a day-to-day basis for messaging, media sharing, calling video calling and other things. The Meta-owned instant messaging app is used by billions of users worldwide daily.  Through WhatsApp, people are sharing photos, videos, as well as making video-audio calls. So, the app has many security features to keep the users data and chat information’s secure and safe. But, many of us may not know about these security features of this app.

So, let’s take a look at these security features of WhatsApp.

Two step verification

WhatsApp provides a Two-Step Verification feature for its users. With this features, users can block unauthorized access to their account and keep their data safe. The advantage of this feature is that no one will be able to login to your account. You can turn it on easily by going to WhatsApp’s settings and turning on the Two Step Verification option.

So, you should always keep the Two Step Verification on to keep your account safe.

Do not click on unknown links

You may have received many types of links from friends, groups or unknown sources via WhatsApp. But, note that you should never click open the unknown links that you are not sure about. Sometimes, your phone can be hacked only through these links.

Security Notifications

WhatsApp also has a security notification that you should turn on for account protection. With this, you will receive security notification every time someone reinstalls their WhatsApp. It will also help you to alert your contact list if your account is hacked by someone by sending them a security notification. You can turn it on by going to Account Security.

Don’t use same profile picture as other social media apps

You should not use the same photo in your WhatsApp profile as well as other social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter or other platforms. Cyber thugs can use your photos to ask your friends for money. So, you should hide your profile picture from unknown persons by changing the settings. After this, only those people who are in your contact list can see your profile photo.

logout of WhatsApp web 

Now-a-days most of the people are using WhatsApp Web on their office laptop or computer but sometimes we forget to logout before leaving office which is not safe. So, you should logout of WhatsApp Web account before leaving the office.

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