Check Out These 4 Secret Features Of Gmail, Details Here

Google’s mail sending app Gmail is almost used by everyone from school to office or from shop to home, gmail has become a part of everyone’s personal and professional life.

But sometimes people face difficulty in using the app. However, you can use gmail easily by knowing these secret features of the app. Here is a list of top-4 secret feature of Gmail, which will help you become a Gmail Pro user.

Auto-advance feature: 

This is an easy way to go through mails in the gmail. With the help of this feature you can go through your mail relatively faster. In this feature, after deleting one mail in it, the other mail automatically arrives. Meaning you do not have to go back to the inbox again and thus it helps save your precious time.

-To enable this feature, follow these steps.
-First go to Settings.
-Then go to Advanced option.
-There you will see the Auto Advance option.
-Then click on it and enable Turn on.
– Now the Auto Advance feature is active.

Advanced Search Feature: 

Many of the Users Spent Too much time in searching for a particular mail. To avoid this problem, users can use the advanced search option. This feature helps users to save time.

-To Enable this feature, first click on the right side of the search option.
-Then an extra tab will open.
-There you can search mail according to time, date and keyword.

Snooze feature: 

Snooze feature as it suggests is a kind of an alarm button. It helps you when you have to read an important mail but you do not have time to read the mail comfortably at that time, so you can check the mail at a certain time using the Snooze button. With this feature you won’t miss any important mails.

-To enable this feature:
-Go to Mail.
-Choose the Snooze button.
-click on it then activate it.

Mute feature:  

Many times it happens that you are doing some urgent work and during this time, the frequent thread messages make you very upset. To avoid this, you can mute the active group. This will move the thread’s message to the archive, where you can check it when you are free.

-To mute, click on the three dots of the thread message-
-Then the mute button will appear.
-Click it to mute Conversation.

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