Check out these 10 upcoming features of WhatsApp

Meta-owned messaging app, WhatsApp is reportedly developing some new features for Android, iOS and desktop users. These feature will improve the quality of the chat experience and provide a more interactive platform to users. Some of these features are already being rolle dout to users who are on WhatsApp beta program.

WhatsApp feature tracker WABetaInfo spotted these upcoming features.

We have listed 10 upcoming WhatsApp features that you may be able to use soon below.

WhatsApp Communities feature

WhatsApp is expected to introduce a new Communities feature for Group administrators, reported WABetaInfo. The feature is expected to provide will provide more control to the Group administrators. With this feature, admins can create Groups within Groups. The Sub-Groups will also be end-to-end encrypted. It will be quite similar to how multiple channels are arranged under an umbrella Discord community.

New chat feature for group admins

WhatsApp is working on a new chat feature for group admins that will give them the ability to delete messages sent by other group members. The said feature will be rolled out in a future update. With this upcoming feature, the group admins of WhatsApp will be able delete anyone’s inappropriate message without needing their permission. This feature will given more power to admins over the control of the group chats. When an admin deletes a particular message in the group chat, users will see receive a notification that says ‘This was deleted by an admin’.

2-step verification for WhatsApp web/desktop

WhatsApp is reportedly planning to introduce the two-step verification for its desktop and web users to make the account more secure. The two-step verification is an optional feature that prevent unauthorized access to users WhatsApp account. The two-step verification PIN is required when the user login to WhatsApp account. It is currently available only on WhatsApp mobile app.

Message reactions like Instagram and Facebook Messenger

WhatsApp users will soon get Instagram and Facebook Messenger like message reactions. The feature allows users to react to messages. To use the message reaction, users just need to tap and hold a message that they want to react to and then drag their finger to the appropriate emoji. With this feature, users can see who reacted to the incoming and outgoing messages in a group.

New animated emojis

WhatsApp is reportedly developing new animating emojis for Android and Apple iOS users. Currently, the app only provides a single animated red colour heart emoji for its users. The red heart emoji appears to be beating when its send to an user. The instant-messaging platform is working to add the animated effect to more emojis, said a new report by WABetaInfo.

Search shortcut in contact information section

The Meta-owned app is reportedly developing a new search option for the contact information page. The new search shortcut will be added next to the video call icon and can be seen in the group info section as well. WhatsApp feature tracker WABetaInfo spotted the new search message shortcut. With this new search message shortcut, users will be able to make searches straight from the info page of personal contacts and group chats.

New interface for voice calls

WhatsApp is soon going to introduce a new interface for group voice calls. The platform is adding voice waveforms for all participants during a group call. The voice waveforms are similar to the ones seen in voice notes. The new interface will reportedly show a rounded gray rectangular background with contact’s name, number, and profile picture, as well as the call duration on top.

Restrict people who can see your WhatsApp status

WhatsApp is going to introduce a new safety feature that will allow users to manage who can see their status. With this new WhatsApp shortcut, you can  manage status privacy settings. The new shortcut will let users choose the users who will be able to see their status updates. WABetaInfo suggests that you will be able to spot the upcoming shortcut at the bottom of the screen when you tap on ‘Status’.

Preview photos and videos shared as documents

WhatsApp is planning to enable a new preview for documents shared in chats. With the new feature, users will be able to preview a videos and images shared as a documents in chats. Currently, you can not get a glimpse of an image or video sent as a document without opening it.

Share same photo/video in chat and status at the same time

Whatsapp is working on a new feature that will allow users to share media as their WhatApp status and with individual chats or Groups in a single window. Currently, if a WhatsApp user wants to share a single media file as status and with multiple chats, then they have to do it separately. With the feature, users will be able to share the media in chat and status at the same time.

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