ChatGPT rival Google’s Bard AI launched for some users in US and UK

Google is giving some Pixel Superfans the chance to try out its OpenAI's ChatGPT competitor "Bard" in United States and the United Kingdom.

San Francisco: Tech giant Google has finally launched its ChatGPT rival Bard AI for some select users. The tech giant is giving some Pixel Superfans the chance to try out its OpenAI’s ChatGPT competitor “Bard”.

According to reports, the Bard is not publicly available yet, but the tech giant is allowing a “small, randomly selected group of Pixel Superfans” to get access first.

Some users in the United States and the United Kingdom are currently allowed to sign up for a preview of Bard and ask for help or information on a given topic. Bard gives answers to these questions in a structured manner that help users get the information they need more quickly.

Users can also ask Bard to create a list of items they need for a trip or ask it to give you ideas on you can read 20 books in a year or any other queries. The company has clarified that Bard is not a replacement for the standard Search experience. The company says this is more of a complement to Search. You can also more details about a topic from within Bard, you just need to click the Google It button.

“Meet Bard, an early experiment by Google that lets you collaborate with generative AI. We’d like to offer you– a member of our Pixel Superfan community– early access so you can get started as soon as Bard launches, and share your feedback,” the tech giant wrote in an email to users.

However, the company is not allowing the Superfans to try out Bard immediately, it is just keeping them on a waitlist for early access once they sign up.

Google had unveiled its new artificial intelligence (AI) service ‘Bard’ last month to compete against ChatGPT, and said that it is opened up to “trusted testers.”

Though Bard might seem similar to GPT-4 powered Bing’s chat experience. The GPT-4 is a large language model developed by OpenAI that analyzes and interprets natural human language, and outputs results in a human-sounding and confident way. However, the company says that Bard is an “experimental conversational AI service” which is powered by Language Model for Dialogue Applications (LaMDA). The tool aims to combine the depth of the “world’s knowledge with the power, intelligence and creativity of our large language models”. Also, it uses data from the web to provide fresh and high-quality responses.

The company has also warned that Bard can sometimes provide inaccurate or wrong information or biases and stereotypes responses as it is trained on language used by a wide range of people or sources. So users will need to double-check the information given to you by Bard. Google has also said that the model is continuously learning and improving its responses. Google will also be relying on feedback from experts to improve the reliability of Bard’s answers over time.

Google says it’s building Bard while being guided by its AI principles to ensure that it’s built responsibly and with user safety in mind.

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