Change your WhatsApp settings immediately otherwise your account may be hacked!

Hackers have found a new way to get access to WhatsApp account these days and several people are falling prey to them. If you want someone not to hack your WhatsApp account, then immediately make the necessary changes in your settings.

According to cyber security expert Zak Doffman, in this way, hackers will log your WhatsApp in their device. The cyber expert has explained this method in detail.

Actually, whenever you log in to a WhatsApp account on a new device, WhatsApp sends a verification SMS to your registered phone number. By mistake, if a fraudster has your phone in his hand and has set the setting to show the Preview of SMS on the lock screen, then you may be in great danger.

Not only this, many such malware have come these days, through which hackers can get this 6 digit code that comes on your phone even while sitting away. As soon as you enter this code, your WhatsApp account will be logged on their device. By using your account, fraudsters can ask for money from people close to you. The scam was also revealed by in its report last year. However, such incidents have increased considerably in the last few days. However, you can avoid this danger through a WhatsApp setting.

In WhatsApp, users are given a feature called Two-Step Verification. In this, you have to set a 6 digit code. The advantage of this feature is that whenever you log in to your WhatsApp account on a new device, you will be asked for this code. Not only this, you can ask this code anytime in between.

How to activate this setting:

  1. To activate two-step verification, you have to open your WhatsApp.
  2. After this go to Settings and then Account.
  3. Here you will see an option named Two-Step Verification.
  4. After selecting Enable, set a code of your choice.


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  2. Ananthukumar r. r says

    Whatsapp 2step verification problem

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    This is helpful.

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    This use for my secrate

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    It is very useful

  6. Siz Hollman says

    I left WhatsApp for Signal because I don’t trust Facebook. Although technically possible, the threat warning in this article is an extreme form of sensational journalism brought about by Qanon-like conspiracists. You should focus on the far greater probability of a home invasion than a “fraudster” putting your WhatsApp account on another phone.

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