BSNL Broadband: This Ultra fiber plan offers 4TB data at a blazing fast speed of 300 Mbps

When it comes to broadband service Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) offers some great broadband plans for its customers. If you are a person who consumes excess of data, then the BSNL 4TB plan is meant for you. For those who are unaware, the BSNL 4TB plan is a Fiber Ultra plan and is effective for home as well office needs.

This BSNL 4TB Fiber Ultra plan offers high speed internet of 300 Mbps at a monthly cost of just Rs 1499. If you are a person who is a fan of cricket, movies, TV shows you will be pleased to know that this plan offers a free subscription of Disney + Hotstar Premium. Users are entitled to 4TB/ 4000GB of data for a month. However, if users manage to consume the total data entitled for a month, they will be able to browse the internet at 4 Mbps speed.

Since, BSNL had earlier announced about regularising most of its popular fiber plans, users can opt for these plans on a long run basis. This BSNL Fiber can be opted for a yearly subscription too. A yearly subscription to this plan costs Rs 17,988. The users can avail an extra month of subscription if they choose a yearly plan.

If you are interested for a longer plan you can opt for a two year plan or 24 months plan. The best part of the plan is that customers are offered with an extra 3 months of subscription. This roughly means that users will have a service of 27 months.

In practical terms, if you have a big family or run a small company, this 4TB is ideally suited for you. However, the buyers of the plan should keep this thing in their mind that the prices for the 4TB plan are exclusive of GST. This means that the final price of the plans will be higher.

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