Beware! WhatsApp Users, You May Fall Victim To The New WhatsApp OTP Scam

Nowadays, many WhatsApp users are falling victims to online scam by hackers. Hackers are stealing private data and hacking users account by using a new technique. Through this technique the hackers send an OTP to user’s phones and through this OTP the hackers take control over the user’s account.

This type of scam are being called as WhatsApp OTP Scam.

In this scam, the hackers send an emergency message containing an OTP to a user from a friend or relatives WhatsApp account which may have been hacked already.

Then they will ask the user for the OTP, saying it was sent by mistake but in actual fact the hackers aims to gain the login OTP of the user’s WhatsApp account.

Note: An OTP is required to install WhatsApp in a new device, the hacker is asking for the same OTP from you.

Once a user provides the OTP to the hackers/scammers, then the hacker will log in to the user’s account from their device and the user would lose access to their account. The hackers would then spread the scam to the contact list of the hacked account.

Apart from this, the hackers can also blackmail the user using their private message or data. To stay out of this type of scam, users are advised to not share OTP with anyone.

To avoid this type of scam, you should also turn on the Two Factor Authentication option in your WhatsApp. After this, hackers or any other device will need a code other than OTT before running WhatsApp.

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