Beware: This Whatsapp Message On Free Amazon Gifts Might Empty Your Bank Account

If you are a WhatsApp user and have received a message to take part in a survey to claim free gifts on Amazon website, stay alert.

This survey which apparently seems to be conducted by Amazon for its 30th anniversary celebration is nothing but a scam and might result in loss of money or theft of personal data.

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The particular message on WhatsApp contains a link. The link on being clicked, leads to a website which appears to be Amazon e-commerce website. The website collects user’s personal and professional data along with personal preferences and taste through a survey. At end of the survey, the user is congratulated on being a winner. However, the users never get a prize or gift. Sole purpose of this scam is to vacate money from your account and steal your personal information.

That’s why the WhatsApp users are advised to properly check survey messages before briskly clicking on the links.

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