Beware Of SMS Frauds! BSNL Warns Its Users To Remain Alert

New Delhi: In the wake of rising cyber fraud in the India, the Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) has issued a notice to its users and has warned them against recent SMS frauds.

The government owned Telecom Company has asked its users not to give any information to fraudsters who ask them their details for KYC update. The fraudsters on the call impersonate themselves as BSNL employees and ask the customers to update their KYC details through an SMS. If customers do not agree with them, the fraudsters threaten to suspend the user’s BSNL registered number. On receiving the customer’s information the frauds withdraw money from customer’s bank account (as the phone number is linked to bank).

Cautioning its users, BSNL warned that if they receive messages which are similar to ‘CP-SMSFST, AD-VIRINF, CP-BLMKND, and BP-ITLINN’ they should not reply.

In the age of rapidly changing technology in India as well around the world, there are a section of users who are not well versed with technology. The fraudsters use this technological illiteracy of the users and then deceive them. This notice by BSNL to its users is expected to be an eye-opener for many people around the country.

(Source: India Today)

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