Beware Of Public Phone Charging Stations: Says SBI

Bhubaneswar: SBI has issued a public caution notice relating to charging phones at public charging stations. Withing few minutes, all important data from your smartphones could reach the hackers.

Though a dying phone can be a worst nightmare, beware!!!

General public have been informed that a dangerous malware could infect their phones.

Credits: SBI Twitter

Hackers by way of, ” Juice Jacking” can steal all important information from the phone.  They can have access to all passwords and access all important data.

In juice jacking, the USB charger scam could end up draining your bank account, the bank has warned.

Credits: SBI Twitter

State Bank of India has given some tips in order to safeguard ones phone from Juice Jacking:

1) Look for an electrical socket behind the charging station.

2) Carry your own charging cables.

3) Only charge directly from an electrical outlet.

4) Use portable batteries bought from known vendors.

The bank has advised people not to use free phone charging station as this will infect their smartphones.

“Think twice before you plug in your phone at charging stations. Malware could find a way in and infect your phone, giving hackers a way to steal your passwords and export your data,” SBI tweeted.

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