Beware of Pink WhatsApp! This WhatsApp Message Can Steal All Your Data, Know In Detail

Nowadays a WhatsApp message is becoming increasingly viral that it will change your WhatsApp to Pink colour. Actually, it is nothing but a virus. It is being sent to the users, in which a link has also been given. This will not change your WhatsApp to pink colour, but will blow away or steal all your data. So it is better to know what to do if you have any such message.

Beware of WhatsApp’s pink message: Cyber ​​experts say that this message is nothing but a virus, so don’t forget to click on the link given in the message, if you open the link, your phone will be hacked, after that you may use a WhatsApp account. Will not be able to do either. This virus is being sent with the apk download link.

In the viral message, it is being claimed that clicking on the link will become WhatsApp pink coloUr, as well as some new features will also be added. It is being sent as an official update. This message has been sent to many users in the past.

Cybersecurity expert Rajshekhar Rajaharia has written on the social media platform that if any link comes with #WhatsappPink, do not click on it at all, you can lose full access to your phone.

WhatsApp also warned: “If anyone receives a suspicious message or a message including an e-mail, do a thorough investigation and take a cautious approach before responding to it,” said WhatsApp adding that on WhatsApp, we suggest people to use the facilities we have given and send us a report, give information about the contact or block it.

It has been found that this WhatsApp Pink looks like a real application, which is why users can get caught in it, but some things like the menu looks a bit different.


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