Bengaluru techie pays 80K rent per month: Internet gets crazy over it

Bengaluru, the silicon valley of India is quite popular for the IT sector in the city. Well, when it comes to good locations in the city, the rent is also quite high. A techie who moved from Noida to Bengaluru has mentioned that he pays as much as Rs 80,000 for his house rent. Techie pays 80K rent for his 3BHK flat that is located near to his workplace and internet has gone crazy over this viral post.

Ashish Jha, a 26-year-old software engineer had moved froom Noida to Bengaluru a year ago for his job. Instead of living in a very affordable apartment, he preferred to stay in a pricey 3-BHK flat in Purva Sunflower, Binnipete area of the city, reported moneycontrol. The techie mentioned (to moneycontrol) that his apartment is within 15 minutes from his office and all the amenities were available to him. “This was a fully furnished place so I did not have to spend time furnishing it. There’s a bus stop, metro station, and a market nearby so I don’t have to venture far away for anything,” said Ashish.

In the recent appreciation post on X, the engineer posted a picture of the view from his flat on 19th floor. He even mentioned that the amount of rent he paid was worth it. The post has gone viral.

“When I moved from Noida to Bengaluru, I had made up my mind that I would cut the daily commute time as much as possible since in my previous job, I had to travel from Noida to Delhi,” he said to moneycontrol.

As some users questioned the choice of the flat and area on X, Ashish said, “Not every area in the city has a water problem, electricity problem. To add to it some areas actually have a very functional metro. And if you live in such an area close to the city center, the rents are meant to be high.”

The only regret that Jha has is that his friends live too far from his place and this means that it takes a lot of time for him to meet them.


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