Beaware WhatsApp users! Delete these apps immediately or your account will be deleted

Most of us are using the popular social media app WhatsApp and it has become a daily life essential as most of the time we use it to be in touch with our friends and family.

But do you know your WhatsApp account could be suspended if you have certain third-party apps installed on your phone? Yes, it’s true, WhatsApp has released a statement on its website which warned users that anyone who has certain applications like WhatsApp Plus, GB WhatsApp, or any other that is an altered version of the original, downloaded will have their account suspended.

The Facebook-owned app said in its statement that the suspension will be temporary first, and the app will send a message to its users first warning them that they are at risk of losing their account and will ask to take the necessary measures not to do so.

If the user follows the instruction given in the app then they can use their account as before. But if you do not do what is asked of the user then their account will be suspended.

To escape from your account being deleted, you should delete the altered version applications of the original app immediately.

Though these applications allow you to customize functions that WhatsApp generally does not offer, but they violate the terms and conditions of the company and is a risk to the safety of users.

WhatsApp is also working on another safety feature to improve security of users privacy that will self-destruct photos and videos after a certain time. They are already in beta testing and will be implemented soon.

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