Be Careful If You Hand Over Your Gadget Your Child, Woman Had To Unknowingly Pay Over Rs 11 Lakh To Apple

Bhubaneswar: A Six-Year-Old Kid’s Mom named Jessica Johnson of Wilton unknowingly pays over $16,000 or Rs 11 Lakh To Apple. The reason will baffle you.

As per a reports of the New York Post, Jessica Johnson who is a user of Apple ended paying over Rs 11 Lakh to the company but the truth is she did not even make any purchase because the payment was actually made by her six-year-old son, George.

Reportedly, George spent the money buying in-app features for the iPad version of Sega’s Sonic Forces.

A series of payments were made from Johnson’s credit card over the month, which totals around $16,293.10. The payments were made starting from July then it continued over the months.

The withdrawals started when George started playing and buying add-ons in the game. The payments ranged from $1.99 to $99.99. He even made some 25 withdrawals worth over $2,500 or Rs 1.8 lakh from her account in just one day.

At first, Johnson thought that these transactions are nothing but fraud or an error in billing, but she later found out that she did not become a victim of fraud but her own son was making the in-app purchases after she filed a fraud claim with Chase. she was asked to contact Apple to resolve this issue.

As she contacted Apple demanding an explanation, the company handed her a list of all in-app purchases from her iPad.

Expressing her astonishment over the news she said that it is like her 6-year-old was doing lines of cocaine – and doing bigger and bigger hits.

Apple denied to refund her the money as she didn’t claim it within 60 days of the payment.

Johnson admitted that it was her mistake after all as she did not take precautions to completely lock down the account. But she also says that she did not know about all the features.

Johnson accused the game for encouraging young users to spend more money on the game and she questioned what grownup would spend $100 on a chest of virtual gold coins.

Apple has been offering a number of Parent Control options for many years to manage the iPhone and iPad given to the child. Some of the Parental Control options also include limiting purchases and accessing the apps.

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