Be Careful Google Chrome Users! Several Malware Extensions Found In Chrome And Edge, Delete Them Or Else You May Face Problem

When using Google Chrome web browser, it is possible that some extensions will also be used. Generally third party extensions are made for the convenience of a website, which is used in Google Chrome.

According to a report by Cyber ​​Security and popular anti-virus maker Avast, malware has been found in 28 extensions. Or rather these 28 extensions are malware itself. The serious thing is that they are used as extensions for Facebook, Instagram and Vimeo. These extensions are also used for downloading videos of Facebook and Instagram or for direct messages.

According to the report, these malware are affecting 3 million people around the world. The danger is that they can also hijack URLs. Overall it is that they are keeping track of every click made on the browser. Such third party extensions are commonly used by users to save time and also as a shortcut to social media.

These extensions are keeping track of which websites you are visiting, which links are opening. It is obvious that the hackers must have created these extensions with the wrong intent and these extensions will also be giving information about the users to the hackers remotely.

According to the report, because of these extensions, you would like to open a URL, i.e if you are opening the X website, then the hackers will have the right to redirect you to the Y website. In such a situation, you can also be taken to a website from where your sensitive information can be hacked.

Avast has said that every third party redirecting domain gets money to cyber criminals. Avast also says that these extensions can collect users’ personal data, such as date of birth, email ID and information of the device. These include the IP address of the computer and also the details of the browser.

It is worth noting that these extensions have been found in Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge browsers. According to Avast, the company has given this information to Google and Microsoft, but these alleged malware extensions are still available on the Chrome Web Store and Microsoft Add on Portal.

Here is a list of extensions that are affected by malware. If you also use any of these extensions, remove them from your computer immediately:

  1. Direct Message for Instagram
  2. Direct Message for Instagram™
  3. DM for Instagram
  4. Invisible mode for Instagram Direct Message
  5. Downloader for Instagram
  6. Instagram Download Video & Image
  7. App Phone for Instagram
  8. App Phone for Instagram
  9. Stories for Instagram
  10. Universal Video Downloader
  11. Universal Video Downloader
  12. Video Downloader for FaceBook™
  13. Video Downloader for FaceBook™
  14. Vimeo™ Video Downloader
  15. Vimeo™ Video Downloader
  16. Volume Controller
  17. Zoomer for Instagram and FaceBook
  18. VK UnBlock. Works fast.
  19. Odnoklassniki UnBlock. Works quickly.
  20. Upload photo to Instagram™
  21. Spotify Music Downloader
  22. Stories for Instagram
  23. Upload photo to Instagram™
  24. Pretty Kitty, The Cat Pet
  25. Video Downloader for YouTube
  26. SoundCloud Music Downloader
  27. The New York Times News
  28. Instagram App with Direct Message DM


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