Be aware: Never make these mistakes while applying for an Aadhar card

Aadhar Card has been a document which we need in day to day life. Be it for identification purposes, filling income tax or for employment opportunities, the requirement for Aadhar card is a must. However, there are times when you have to face problems due to error in the information mentioned on the Aadhar card. Hence, it is quite important that you should give proper information while filling the information for Aadhar.

These are the few points which you should keep in mind before making the Aadhar

Crosscheck the spelling of your name

Majority of the mistakes found in most Aadhar cards is the name of the individual. A silly mistake while we entering information in the documents required for Aadhar card can lead to a mistake. Never, hurry up while writing your name in the documents. Crosscheck the spelling of your name multiple times.

Your birth date

Your date of birth is one of the major information on the Aadhar card. A small change in the date of birth can lead to a major blunder. If your date of birth in not same as that of other documents, then you might get in trouble. Apparently a wrong date on your Aadhar card can be misleading and you have to take burden to change it later. So rather than running from pillar to post, you should keep an eye on it.

Father’s name

The name of your father on the Aadhar card is quite important information. Kindly make sure that the name of your father is correct on the Aadhar card. While filling up the form for Aadhar cross check the name of your father with other documents. After a complete confirmation, write down the name.

Your address

The Address mentioned in the Aadhar card serves as major information for the authorities or government to know your whereabouts. Try to know the exact area, locality and pin code of your home. A slight change in your address can turn out to be problematic. Hence, while filling up the documents please make sure your address is correct.

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