Apple’s new AR app Gobi in upcoming iOS 14 leaked

San Francisco: Apples upcoming iOS 14 software is set to include a new Augmented Reality (AR) app called Gobi and ‘Find My app is also likely to get some new AR features.

Gobi app will allow users to get more information about things around them by using an augmented reality experience on the phone.

Ex-TechCrunch reporter Josh Constine has shared details about the update, Apple’s AR app and new ‘Find My’ upgrades via his newsletter.

“Files in Gobi included QRs that opened the Mac Pro and Apple Watch websites, the Star Wars: Rogue One movie in the iTunes Store, and one that opens the Starbucks Card sign-up flow,” he explained, sharing the images of Apple’s QR codes and detailed how they might work with Gobi.

There are also references to a shopping comparison tool in Gobi, as well as a 3D render of an Apple Watch that users can interact with.

The iOS 14 leaks also contain some information that corroborates past rumors of AR integration in the Find My app.

By adding the AR view in Find My, the app could play encouraging tones when a lost device is Nearby, and discouraging tones when the user moves away from it.

iOS 14 is also rumoured to include a new home screen view, a new fitness app, a “PencilKit” API and more.

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