Apple will give you iPhone XR for free as loner device during lengthier repairs

Getting our iPhone repaired is one of the most time-consuming things we do. We often leave our phone at the service station for more than a few days to get the iPhone repaired. This causes inconvenience for many people as they have saved many important data on their iPhone. It is worries people if they the phone stays in repair for a longer time. Although you can always use a secondary phone, the primary device has got majority of your information.

So, to ease users worries, Apple has introduced a very interesting strategy. The tech giant will reportedly provide an iPhone XR as a loaner device to users when repair of the device takes a longer time. The service is going to be available in the US and other regions.

iPhone XR as Loaner Device

As per a new report from MacRumors, Apple will give an iPhone XR as a loaner starting from November 4 to users who need to leave their phones at the service centre for a longer duration. Currently, the tech giant provides an iPhone 8 as a loaner device. But, as you know, the production of the iPhone 8 has already been terminated. So, iPhone XR can be considered its replacement.

The iPhone XR has dual SIM slots, A12 bionic chip, 6.1-Inch Liquid Retina Display, and more advanced features. This service is currently available only in the US. However, Apple is not providing this service to all the iPhone users .

According to the company FAQ page, the customers whose devices will take a really long time can only get a loner device as replacement. Furthermore, these customers will have to return the loaner device within a period of 14 days after getting their repaired device. Note that, customers will need to delete all data they had stored in their loaner device before returning it. Apple iPhone users can get the loaner devices at Apple Stores and authorized providers in the US and other regions.

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    Thanks for sharing this updated information. the best feature of this i Phone XR has dual SIM slots, A12 bionic chip, 6.1-Inch Liquid Retina Display. we are very glad to read this informative post.

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