Apple Watch gets battery-saving mode with new watchOS 9

Apple is reportedly planning to introduce a new power-saving mode for the Apple Watch in the latest watchOS 9 updates, said a new report. The Cupertino-based company aims to extend the watch’s battery life with this feature.

According to reports, users can activate the battery saving mode on their Apple Watch manuaaly via the Control centre or the settings menu. Users will also receive an alert notification when there’s only 10% battery charge left. It turns off automatically once it reaches 80% on the charger.

The battery-saving mode would also help to save the user from wasting battery life by turning off the more demanding features such as AoD, heart rate notifications, arrhythmia tracking, heart rate, and blood oxygen measurements. Workout reminders, and more.

The battery-saving mode will also turn off Wi-Fi connection and cellular connections, if there’s no iPhone connected to the watch nearby. It will also disable the incoming calls and notifications. And, whenever, the user needs a certain app that requires data or a Wi-Fi connection, the system will turn on those. when the watch stays within the phone’s connection range, it will postpone and deliver notifications every hour.

Of course, the overall performance of the watch in the new battery-saving mode will also be reduced, the report added.

Meanwhile, Apple launched its flagship Apple Watch Ultra smartwatch at its “Far Out” event. The Apple Watch Ultra sports a new design with a more prominent display. The new design supports  intense sports tracking, exploration, and outdoor activities. The watch has better battery life.

The Apple Watch Ultra has received a new button guard, with a 49mm titanium case, redesigned digital crown, and a new Action button, which can be customized for various purposes, including workouts, and compass waypoints.

The display is made of sapphire crystals, which helps to increase sturdiness. The screen is completely flat and features up to 2,000 nits brightness. The Apple Watch Ultra’s buttons and crowns are also designed to work with gloves and the three built-in microphones on it improve sound quality along with reducing ambient noises.

Apple also offers a trackback feature with the watch, which helps users in retracing their steps in case they accidentally go off the grid. Users will also experience a new ‘Wayfinder’ watch face that features a lot of information, including a compass on the dial.

(Source: GSMArena0

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