Apple TV to get new Siri features and design with tvOS 16.1 update

Apple launched a new generation of Apple TV 4K with the A15 Bionic chip and HDR10+ support along with new iPad models this week. The tech giant has also announced that a new Siri interface coming with tvOS 16.1 for all supported Apple TV models.

What the new interface looks like:

The company introduced its virtual assistant Siri on Apple TV with the 2015 HD model that has now been discontinued. Siri helps users to search for movies, TV shows, songs, open apps, check weather, control HomeKit devices, and more. However, Apple has not updated the Siri interface on tvOS since 2015.

The tvOS 16.1 update will be th first update that the Apple Tv will receive. It will be available to the public next week. The Siri on Apple TV is getting a new interface that is more similar to what iPhone and iPad users already have.

Apple tvOS 16.1 update

According to Apple, the new features will be coming to Apple TV experience with tvOS 16 update. With this update, users can use their voice to control Apple TV and interact with the results more easily. The update will bring a complete new design for Siri on Apple TV. It will be able to recognize each user’s voice, so they can easily access their movies, shows, music, games, and apps, and pick up where they left off.

For example, users can get tailored recommendations by just asking “What should I watch?”

The more compact design of Siri on Apple TV allows users to quickly view results without leaving the action onscreen.

What’s new

With the new update, a virtual assistant icon appears in the bottom right corner of the screen after the user presses the Siri button on the Siri Remote. The interface has also become more compact. Instead of showing a bar occupying the entire bottom of the screen, Siri is now just a floating window.

Users will also get new animations in the options provided by Siri. Apple will offer a new interface to the users. For example, Siri currently shows the weather with a full-screen view that is very similar to the Weather app on iOS. Now it shows the weather in a more minimalist card with tvOS 16.1.

Users with AirPods who are connected to Apple TV can enable the “Hey Siri” command for hands-free interactions. It i noteworthy to mention that Siri is coming to Apple TV users for the first time in Denmark, Luxembourg, and Singapore.

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