Apple rolls out iOS 16 5G Beta update for Jio, Airtel iPhone users in India

Apple has rolled out the iOS 16 5G Beta update for iPhone users in India. The Beta update will enable 5G connectivity for Airtel and Jio customers in the country. The iOS 16 5G Beta is currently available for iPhone 14 series, iPhone 13 series, iPhone 12 series, and iPhone SE (third generation) phones. The users of these iPhone users can now test 5G as part of Apple’s iOS 16 beta before the official release scheduled for December.

The tech giant released a statement that said “5G will be enabled via a software update and will start rolling out to iPhone users in December.”

Last month, Apple announced that the company is working with carriers in India to bring 5G to iPhones soon. “Carrier partners in India to bring the best 5G experience to iPhone users as soon as network validation and testing for quality and performance is completed,” the official statement reads.

The users of compatible iPhones such as iPhone 14, 13, 12 and SE 3rd Generation can get access to iOS 16 5G beta update. They can sign up for the beta software with a valid Apple ID after accepting the agreement during the sign-up process. However, the above-mentioned iPhone users can get the 5G connectivity test if they have the Jio and Airtel SIM.

The iOS beta comes with the built-in Feedback Assistant app. The iPhone users can opened it from the Home screen on their iPhone or iPad or from the Dock on their Mac.

It is advised that users should backup their iPhone data before installing any beta software because in case something goes wrong, they won’t lose any important data. It is recommended to install the beta software only on non-production devices that are not business-critical.

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