Apple rolls iOS 17 update for users, check what’s new

The latest updates in iOS 17 aim at improving the overall user experience with the enhanced features in the messaging application.

The latest iOS 17 update from Apple has brought exciting changes to the ‘Messages’ app, introducing a streamlined design, enhanced security features, and an interesting integration of stickers and Memojis.

The interface has received a makeover, focusing on reducing the visual clutter in order to get a more organized feel. A new ‘+’ button has been introduced to consolidate all messaging tools and applications into a vertical dropdown list. This differs from the horizontal layout of the previous version.

The new updates of iOS 17 aim at improving the overall user experience.

‘Memojis’ in iOS 17

In the new interface, all emojis are considered as stickers. Meaning, you can drag and place them anywhere within a message. Further, Apple has also introduced the ability to create custom stickers. This will allow the users to select any photo, crop the subject, and add various effects to turn it into a digital sticker.

Memojis are the customizable avatars that was introduced by Apple a few years back. These have also received an upgrade. New emoticons like the halo, the wink gesture, and the ‘peekaboo’ gesture have been introduced, adding on to the customization options.

iOS 17’s Check-in feature

A stand out feature in iOS 17 is the new ‘Check-in’ option. This feature allows the user to notify a friend or a family member about a journey that the user is about to take. In case of any emergency during the trip, feature will automatically share the user’s relevant information like location, battery, network status.

This feature is designed with the safety of the user and their close contacts.

Among other notable features of the upgrade is the automatic transcription of audio messages, simplified handling of verification codes, improved search capabilities, and easier location sharing directly from the Messages app.

  1. Abhinavkumarsahai says

    This is a fake news. SUCH REPORTS SHOULD BE EDITED

    1. Sudeshna Panda says

      This news is not fake. A beta version has been rolled out for testing.

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