Apple Offers Rs 7 Crore Bounty To Researchers Who Find Flaws In iPhones

New Delhi: Apple is offering cybersecurity researchers up to US$ 1 million (around Rs 7 crores) to detect flaws in iPhones and Macs. The announcement was made by the company at the Black Hat conference in Las Vegas on Thursday, where Apple’s head of security engineering Ivan Krstić gave a talk on iOS and macOS security.

Apple said that it is expanding its existing bug bounty program to include macOS, tvOS, watchOS, and iCloud. The latest reward of USD 1 million is up from Apple’s previous highest bounty of USD 200,000 (around Rs 1.41 crores).

Government contractors and brokers have so far paid as much as US $ 2 million (around 14 crores) for hacking techniques to obtain devices’ information. The latest bounty announced by Apple is in the same range as some published prices from contractors.

Apart from this, Apple is taking other steps to make research easier, including a modified phone that has some security measures disabled.

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