Apple now has an official TikTok account

San Francisco: Apple has supposedly created an official account on popular short video-sharing platform TikTok but is yet to post anything from the verified handle.

Apple’s account can be accessed through the username @apple on the TikTok website and within the TikTok app.

The account (@apple) is relatively new and it has only 4138 followers by the time of writing this article and as of now, Apple has posted no videos to the account.

Apple can use TikTok to reinforce the #ShotoniPhone campaign, which can be considered a success on Instagram where Apple has over 23 million followers, 9To5Mac reported on Thursday.

TikTok is primarily focused on entertaining videos, Apple can definitely share content that has been shot and edited with the iPhone.

Another possibility is that the company could use its TikTok account as a business account, much like it uses its Twitter account.

Meanwhile, Apple has already been running ads on the TikTok service, so the account could also be related to its advertising efforts.


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