Apple logo orientation on iPad might change in the upcoming models

Apple will be bringing the new generation of iPads with a cosmetic change and this might be something which will affect the logo of the device, said sources. According to the product designer of the company, Apple is considering to switch the orientation of the logo from horizontal to landscape mode. This does make sense as the tablet is used mostly in a horizontal orientation. The latest version of the iPad OS has shown the logo of the device in both portrait and landscape mode while starting (depending on the orientation).

Numerama (which is a french news website) had interviewed Apple product designer Molly Anderson about the issue. Anderson mentioned that the logo on the iPad will be eventually changed to the landscape mode. While the information is not an official confirmation, it is time which will tell if the decision is taken by company or not.

Well, it is important to note that Apple’s current generation of iPads (except iPad Mini) offer a front-facing camera that is placed on the longer side of the device. This means that the front camera is aligned with the user’s face. The iPad can also be attached to keyboard and used in the landscape mode.

Apple had begun checking its iPad’s orientation before displaying the apple logo in landscape or portrait mode when it is booted with iPadOS 14.5 (way back in 2021). The standard iPad models as well as iPad Mini will be refreshed soon. Well it remains to be seen whether the orientation of its logo will be changed in the upcoming tablets or not.

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