Apple iPhone X survives without a scratch after falling from 11,250 feet height

Apple iPhones are claimed to be one of the most durable smartphones till date. And many incidents reported by users has proven it’s durability over time.

Recently, a pilot has claimed that a iPhone X survived unscathed after dropping from a height of 11,250 feet. Apple launched the iPhone X in 2017.

The pilot named David shared the incident on the Diamond Aviator Forum, he was flying the plane from Colorado Springs to Atlanta and the side windows on the plane can be opened in flight. So he tried to take a picture of the clouds with his iPhone X from the side window when the plane was flying at an altitude of about 11,250 feet.

And due to high pressure, the phone got out of hand and fell on the ground.

According to David, he managed to find his iPhone X after landing with the help of According to David.

At first David opened the iCloud to delete the data when he thought of searching the phone through Find my iPhone feature and fortunately he got the location of the phone.

David thought that even though the location of the phone is found, it is likely to have been shattered to pieces, but when he reached the location of the phone, he was surprised to find the phone in a perfect condition.

David said that when he  reached the location of the phone, his phone was lying there safely and the amazingly there was not even a scratch on the back or front panel of the phone and it was working.

The phone did have some dust on the cover but otherwise that the phone was working completely fine and was unscathed.

David also revealed that his phone could have been saved due to the Apple’s Otterbox Defender series cover which he bought in 2018. He also gave credit to the build quality of the phone

The price of the cover of the iPhone X of the Otterbox Defender series on Amazon India is Rs 6,049.

Though we don’t know whether the area where the phone fell, had trees or not or what type of place was that but David has given full credit for the survival of his phone to the build quality of the phone and the cover of Otterbox by Apple.

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