Apple iPhone 12 Pro falls from 26th floor, left unharmed

Hong Kong: A Chinese woman has claimed that her Apple iPhone 12 Pro fell from the 26th floor of a building and yet was not destroyed.

The woman said that the smartphone slipped from her pocket while spreading her quilt on the balcony of the 26th floor of an apartment complex, reports Gizmochina.

This incident joins a growing collection of stories related to the iPhone.

The falling smartphone was inserted into a platform made of foam on the second floor of the building.

When the woman asked for assistance, a staff member went up to the second floor to get the iPhone and the screen of the device was not even damaged.

“The iPhone 12 Pro comes with some protection against damage when it falls. It has a super-ceramic panel and a matte textured glass back panel. It also comes with a stainless-steel frame which is of excellent quality,” the report said.

Previously, iPhones were also found inside the toilet, a river and even falling from an aeroplane.

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