Apple iOS 16.2 update to bring significant changes to your iPhone

The Apple iOS 16.2 has appeared a day after the release of iOS 16.1. However, there is no fixed timeline for the iOS 16.2 to reach apple devices. The iOS 16.1 appeared on Oct 24 and took around 40 days to reach everybody’s devices and we can expect the same for the iOS 16.2.

Mark Gurman from Bloomberg had mentioned that iOS 16.2 might hit around mid-December. There are many features on the iOS 16.2 that will be new for the users. Some of the key updates that will be reflected in the update are mentioned below.


The new update (on iOS 16.2) is expected to offer Prefer Silent Responses for Siri. If enabled Siri will respond in a Silent way except when you are driving or are using headphones with the screen off. Currently, on iOS 16.0-16.1 Siri responses on your iPhone are Automatic and Prefer Spoken Responses.

In order to activate it follow Settings > Siri & Search> Siri Responses

The Freedom App

The Freedom App will be a new app offered by Apple and will be available for iPhone, iPad as well as Mac. The app will be a productivity tool and will allow users to post notes, shapes, links, audio, video and much more.

Lock Screen Shortcut Actions

Users will get shortcut actions for their Lock Screen including wallpapers for Lock Screen and set Wallpaper Photo through iOS 16.2.

Live Activities from Spotlight

The iOS 16.2 offers more functionality to the Live Activities from Spotlight Search. You can get live updates from a sports game through it.

Precision in Weather Forecast

Apple iOS 16.1 offered data about the weather hour by hour. However, Apple iOS 16.2 offers data minute by minute. The weather data includes data like temperature, UV Index, wind, humidity, visibility, and pressure.

Feedback for Unintentional SOS Call

The Apple iOS 16.2 offers the user a notification that can be opened to provide feedback for Unintentional SOS calls. Apple is adding this feature as recently many crash detection reports were found to be untrue, various iPhone 14 series devices triggered crash detection on rollercosters or during skydiving. Users can answer selected questions after an Emergency SOS is triggered on their iPhone.

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