Apple iOS 15 is now available to download; Check out 14 powerful new features

Tech giant Apple is now rolling out iOS 15, iPadOS 15, watchOS 8 and tvOS 15 to iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Apple TV devices. The iOS 15 was unveiled in June 2021. It brings a slew of features to iPhone users that will make their devices better.

Users might not see the updates right away, but when they are available, they will have access to a bunch more features, reports Engadget.
We have listed some of the main features of the iOS 15 bellow:

1.All-new notifications on iPhones

The notification has been redesigned with iOS 15. Apple iOS 15 brings an notification summary feature that collects all the notifications together automatically and will release them at an appropriate time. Users can also arrange the notifications as per their importance. The app icons have become larger and contact photos can also be added.

2. Find My network support for AirPods Pro and AirPods Max

The iOS 15 brings Find My network for users with which users can find the approximate location of their AirPods Pro or AirPods Max when they can’t remember where did they put it.

The feature helps you locate them playing a sound within Bluetooth range.

3. FaceTime can work in Windows and Android

Apple FaceTime calls has also been upgraded on iOS 15. Users will be able generate links which can be shared with those on Android or Windows as FaceTime calls can work on Android and Windows devices as well.

Facetime and Messages have been upgraded on both iPhone and iPad. With iOS 15, FaceTime calls will get voice isolation feature and spatial audio. The voice isolation feature reduces background noise.

4. Focus mode 

The iOS 15 has brought a Focus mode for iPhone users. The Focus mode will allow users to filter notifications and apps as per their priority. Using this Focus mode, users can block the block incoming notification and their status will be displayed to their contacts in iMessages only.

Users will have more control over push alerts and they can let only notifications from select apps and people through when they activate one of the new Focus modes.

Focus has an option to set the mode for different occasions like work, driving, or sleep. One of the most interesting use of the Focus is it become active on iPad or Apple Watch when the users sets it in their iPhone.

5. Redesigned Safari Browser

Apple has released a redesigned Safari browser with the iOS 15. The Safari browser has got customisable start page and web extensions. Now it has a new tab bar at the bottom of the screen which was earlier on top of the screen.

6. Sharing media files on FaceTime

iOS 15 brings SharePlay feature that will allow users to share media files during a FaceTime call. It lets you enjoy movies, shows and music together with friends over Facetime and you can share your screen with them. iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 didn’t have the SharePlay feature at the time of launch.

7. New features for Apple Maps

Apple has also added some new feature to the Maps app on iOS 15. Now, users can get a 3D view of cities that shows more details, shows buildings and more using the Maps app. There is also added Transit features available for select few cities.

8. New quirky additions to Memoji

Apple has added some new quirky things to Memoji avatar to give users a more fun experience. The iOS 15 allows users to change the colour of both their eyes and has introduced nine new Memoji stickers including a shaka, a hand wave, a lightbulb moment and more.

Users can also add three new glasses options including a heart, star and retro shapes to their Memoji.

9. More information about your photos

With iOS 15, users will be able to see more information about photos and they can edit the location, add a caption and more to the photos. Now, users can see information like file size, camera used, lens, shutter speed, and more in their photos.

10. Live Text feature in Photos app

The iOS 15 now allows users to use text functions like copy and paste, lookup and translate in photos app. Live Text works in Photos, Screenshot, Quick Look and Safari, and in live previews with Camera.

11. Photos App gets music support

The Photos app’s Memories feature has been redesigned and got a more interactive interface. Apple Music integration is also now supported with Memories so users can choose songs for a personalised effect.

12. Support for Hindi in Smart Replies

Now iPhone users can type in Hindi as the iOS 15 has brought support for Hindi in Smart Replies feature in the keyboard.

13. New dictionaries for India

Apple is introducing bilingual dictionaries for Indian users including a Urdu–English, Tamil–English, Telugu–English and Gujarati–English.

14. Redesigned Weather app

The Weather app has also got a new design in iOS 15. Users will be able to see graphical displays, full-screen maps and animated backgrounds.


It will be easier to keep track of things your friends and family share with you in Messages thanks to dedicated tabs in the News, Music, TV and Podcasts apps, the report said.

Apple Watch now has deeper integration with iPhone, with features including Focus mode support and a Contacts app. You can also expect portrait watch faces and multiple timers.

If you have an iPhone 6s or later, iPhone SE (either generation) or seventh-gen iPod touch, you’ll be able to install iOS 15.

Those with Apple tablets can run iPadOS 15 on fifth-gen and later iPads, iPad mini 4 and later, iPad Air 2 and later on all iPad Pro devices. Meanwhile, watchOS 8 is supported by Apple Watch Series 3 and later devices.

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