Android users can now access built-in-translate feature on Gmail app

Google has now added an important feature in the form of translate feature to the Gmail app for Android as well as iOS.

Gmail keeps on receiving updates from time to time and in the process the features on it are improved. Now the MNC (i.e. Google) has added an important feature in the form of translate feature to the Gmail app. The feature was already present on the web client version for a long time. However, it is now available in both Android as well iOS platforms.

The translate feature of Gmail is rolling out through a server-side update and no user input is required for it. According to 9To5Google, the change will reflect in the Gmail app version 2023.07.23.x. Even though the update is said to be rolling out widely, it is not available for all users. Interested users can check whether the feature is available for you by verifying if the message body shows an overflow menu with ‘Translate’ button.

As a user clicks on the ‘Translate’ button, it shows a banner with settings gear icon. There are a list of languages that can be selected other than the ‘Detected language’. By using this Gmail translate feature an email can be translated in more than 100 languages. Even though you dismiss the translate banner on email, it will pop up as soon as you open the email for the next time.

However, if you are getting bothered in any way through the translate button, you can disable it too. Users can disable this setting by just accepting ‘Don’t Translate (Language) Again, prompt. It can be turned off from the translation settings menu too. Earlier in order to perform the function, a user had to select all text and choose the ‘Translate’ option from the options.

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