Android 13 likley to bring new wallpaper effects, new media controls and more

San Francisco: Android 12 has brought a lot of additional features and now a new report has claimed that the next gen Android 13 platform will bring wallpaper effects, new media controls and foreground manager.

Android 13 will give users new wallpaper effects ‘Cinematic Wallpaper’ in the developer preview that would allow users to apply effects to their wallpaper, reports GSMArena.

The media output picker has been redesigned with an option to pair a new device right from this menu.

The Foreground Services task manager will sit at the bottom of the quick settings and notification panel and display currently-running apps in the foreground. The next gen Android 13 platform will allow apps to transfer media to nearby devices with a tap.

UI demos made by Google to show off a new “Media TTT” feature debuting in Android 13. The feature will apparently allow devices running Android 13 to transfer media from their phone to a nearby speaker or other device simply by getting near that source. Android 13 platform will also offer major improvements in audio streaming through Bluetooth.

Google has merged the LE Audio codec (LC3) and has added it to system settings as a new option.

When connecting to an audio device, the codec will take the highest priority, meaning that supported devices will try to establish a LE Audio connection before any other, reports Android Police.

For those unaware, Bluetooth LE Audio is quite notable since it can potentially massively improve battery life while still offering a stable connection that doesn’t compromise on audio quality. In addition, Bluetooth LE Audio would also enable support for multiple streams through more than one pair of headphones.

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