Android 12 Leaks Which Will Definitely Make You Excited, Check The Details Here

When it comes to updates Android never fails to impress its users. Presently, Android users are getting an update for Android 11 OS on their smartphones. However, the Android 12 is months away from its official rollout and we are getting leaked information about upcoming update.

According to reports by XDA developers, a dozen of new features were found during the leak of an experimental version of Android 12 in the month of April 2021. However, there are few leaks that the website has found out recently. These leaks are quite exciting as they can bring a lot of change in the convenience of the Android users.

The features of Android 12, which we can expect in the future, are as follows:

Auto-hibernating apps

This feature will help your device to track the apps, which have a minimal, or no use. When the device gets a track of these apps, it does the following to the apps:

  • Removes the permissions in order to protect your data
  • Stops the notifications to save battery
  • Removes temporary files to save space

Auto-translated apps

Many developers use their native language in developing a particular app. However, this restricts the use of the app to a limited audience. This Auto-translated apps feature will enable Android developers to make their apps available outside of their region to the people who use different language. Roughly speaking, the feature works similar to google translate feature on various websites.

Easy access to Google Assistant

If reports are to be believed, the Android 12 will make Google Assistant available for users by just holding the power button.

Recover deleted files from the recycle bin

Android 12 will enable an official Android recycling bin in the Google Files app. The deleted files will be available for 30 days before being permanently deleted. Users can recover the files back if they change their mind about the files.

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An upgrade for Android tablets

The upcoming Android 12 will make apps work more seamlessly as compared to the present operating system. The reports by XDA developers suggest that the Android 12 will give split-screen feature to the home-screen.

Optimization on Google pixel 6

According to sources, the Google Pixel 6 and Google Pixel 6 XL will feature a chipset made by Google. This will help the pixel devices to perform better alongside Android 12 operating system.


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