Android 11 installed on over 28.3% of total handsets

San Francisco: Tech giant Google’s Android 11 is said to be the most widely distributed version of Android, installed on over 28.3 per cent of total Android handsets, says a report.

Google has updated its chart showing the percentage of Android devices running various versions of the OS, but there are still no details about Android 12’s adoption rate, reports 9To5Google.

According to the new distribution data for 2022, devices on Android 11 and newer now make up the biggest single slice of the pie at 28.3 per cent, up from 24.2 per cent.

This is honestly no surprise, given the popularity of Samsung devices and how the company keeps even its affordable devices updated, even up to Android 12, the report said.

To match that, the share of devices still on Android 10 has shrunk down to 23.9 per cent versus its 26.5 per cent share in November.

Down the line, each older version of Android has seen a similar decrease in usage, with Jelly Bean usage now down below half of one per cent.

The lack of Android 12 statistics in this latest chart is likely related to its intended purpose for Android developers, as per the report.

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