Amazon launches new ‘Conversation Mode’ option on Echo Show 10

San Francisco: Tech giant Amazon is rolling out a new Conversation Mode feature that will allow users to have more natural, back-and-forth interactions with Alexa, without needing to repeat the wake word.

The company said that the new feature will also allow users for more free-flowing interactions.

“Interacting with ambient devices by just saying ‘Alexa’ is delightful. However, you do not usually repeat the names of your family and friends when you talk to them  it is not natural,” the company said in a blogpost.

“That is why we are thrilled to introduce a transformative capability called Conversation Mode, an opt-in feature on Echo Show 10 (3rd Gen),” it added.

Users can easily enable this feature by saying, “Alexa, join the conversation”. Once the mode is enabled, anyone in the room can speak with Alexa without saying the wake word, as long as they are in view of the device’s camera and looking toward the screen.

“We designed Conversation Mode with your privacy in mind,” the company said.

Users must invite Alexa to join the conversation each time they want to enable Conversation Mode and users can ask Alexa to leave the conversation at any time by saying, “Leave the conversation,” or by pressing the mic/camera off button or closing the camera shutter.

Additionally, Conversation Mode will automatically end if a user’s device does not detect a request within a short time.

The Conversation Mode will roll out to Echo Show 10 devices in the coming weeks.

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