8 Reasons why you must consider switching to iOS, says Apple

The Apple iPhone is one of the most popular smartphones in the world. However, the Android phones dominate the smartphone market in India. Though Apple has made some progress in the recent years, it still cant out run the Android phone popularity in India.

So, in order to attract more customers, Apple is highlighting some features and stated some reasons on why the iPhone is better.

Lets take a look at the reasons why Apple’s iPhone is better.

1. Apple iPhones are more secure and private

Apple says that the iPhone is built from the ground up to protect users personal information. Security features like facial or fingerprint authentication or stopping apps from tracking users activity online are better in iPhone does it better. The iPhone has iMessages and FaceTime video calls that are encrypted end-to-end.

2. Regular OS updates 

The iPhone receives regular iOS updates that brings new features and security enhancements. The regular iOS updates keeps the iPhone up-to-date. The software updates deliver many new features which makes the iPhone more ‘updated’.

3. Advanced camera features  

The Apple iPhone has advanced camera features such as Night Mode, Portrait Mode, Cinematic Mode that makes the photography experience much better.

4. iPhone is more durable and lasts longer

Apple’s new iPhones models are claimed to be tougher than other smartphone glass thanks to the Ceramic Shield. iPhone is resistant to spills and splashes. Apple has claimed that the regular software updates makes the iPhone to hold its value longer than other smartphones.

5. ‘Move to iOS’ app makes it easy to transfer files to iPhone

The Move to iOS app helps to safely transfer users contacts, messages, photos, videos, email accounts and calendars to the iPhone from an old Android phone.

6. Switching to iPhone is easy

Switching to iPhone is easy as you just need to transfer photos, data, contacts with ‘Move to iOS’ app and Apple also gives you the option to trade in your old smartphone for credit.

7. Fast processors provides better performance

The iPhones’ A series of processor deliver better performance than most Android phones, said reports. Apple iPhone performance is more efficient and effective due to better hardware and software.

8. Apple ecosystem

Apple says that the iPhone is designed by blending the better hardware and software together so that users will get a seamless experience. Apple also says that features like AirDrop, SharePlay also make the iPhone an attractive proposition.

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1 Comment
  1. Ashay Vora says

    Youu 8 reasons are no doubt good but here is my-

    Eight reasons why I am not switching-

    – Harrassing dialer
    – No feature of call recording
    – Old design (notch design seems to be like 5 yrs old)
    – Less customisation options (same old UI)
    – Less cloud storage as compared to Google.
    – Display is flat, I mean look at a curved screen, and than have a look at Apple’s flat screen.
    – Free Android apps are also paid in IOS.
    – Regular OS updates means phone’s performance and speed goes down periodically ad .

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