Zero night celebration in Bhubaneswar: Dos & Don’ts: Watch

Bhubaneswar:  The zero night celebration has been allowed in the capital city of Odisha. People can enjoy the celebration at their houses, hotels or any public places. Here are some Dos and Don’ts on this.

  1. Music can be played at public places till 10 pm in the night.
  2. In houses, music can be played upto 12 pm in the night.
  3. Security checking will be beefed up in Bhubaneswar on 31st Dec from 7 pm in the eveing.
  4. Additional force will be allocated to places where hotesl are situated.
  5. Blocking & Checking will be done at 28 places.
  6. Checking will be done in between 7 pm of 31st Dec, 22 to 6 am of Jan 1, 2023
  7. Drunk drive test will be carried out at 17 places across Bhubaneswar
  8. Quick Action Team (QAT) will be deployed at 4 places.
  9. Striking Forces will be deployed at 3 places.
  10. Citizens are asked to celebrate New Year with discipline.

It is to be noted that 4 Additional DCPs, Zone ACP, 23 Inspectors, 49 Sub-Inspectors and ASI as well as 13 platoon of Police Force will be deployed on the last day of this year in Bhubaneswar . On January 1st 10 section forces will be on duty in different tourist places.

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