Youth donates blood to save 5-yr-old Cancer victim in Odisha during lock down

Bhubaneswar: Due to outbreak of Coronavirus Odisha is going through ‘Lock Down’ these days. While lock down is utmost need of the time, we cannot set aside problems related to urgency of blood donation.

In lieu of lock down hospitals in the state are going through scarcity of blood storage. At this juncture a helpless woman reached capital hospital in Bhubaneswar to fetch an unit of blood for a five year old kid, a cancer patient on Sunday. The kid is her sister’s son who has been admitted to the Acharya Harihar Regional Cancer Centre in Cuttack for treatment.

As there was no stock she was denied blood. By then the helpless woman had already visited other many hospitals but in vain. Capital hospital was her last hope.

She waited for a while expecting someone would come forward to donate an unit of blood. Yet, during lock down the probability of getting a blood donor was very less. Finally, exhausted, when she tried to leave, a blood bank staff came forward to help. Rajat, the staff as if turned an angel for the helpless woman. He donated blood and the woman finally could get an unit of blood for her nephew.

The woman did not forgot to thank Rajat for his precious act of kindness before leaving the spot with tears in her eyes.

A few other people who were present there admired act of the blood bank staff who surely saved life of a five year old kid with the blood donation during lock down.

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  1. Santosh Kumar Thatoi says

    you are not human but you are a godly man.who saved a precious children life.

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