Young woman’s body found with throat slit; murder after rape suspected

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Young Woman’s Nude Body with throat slit Found, Rape and Murder Suspected Puri: In a shocking incident, the nude body of a woman with her throat slit was found near Mangupada forest under Delang Police limits in the district here on Wednesday morning.

Some locals spotted the body of the unidentified young woman and informed the police.

Though the exact reason behind the death of the woman is yet to be known, given the circumstances, the slit throat suggests it was a case of murder. Police also suspect that she might have been murdered after being raped as her body was found without any clothes.

Police have recovered a knife, an SBI ATM card, SBI Green Remit Card, bra and a blood stained pair of jeans of the deceased. But the other clothes of the woman were not found nearby.

A scientific team and dog squad have conducted an on the spot investigation.

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