You might not have seen such a rare snake: Watch

Recently we came across with the clip of a huge but rare snake. The video shows a huge snake inside a box. The unusual thing about the snake is its colour. The colour of the snake is mixed blue.

In the video a man is seen showing the reptile to the audience claiming it to be an ‘incredible’ snake. The video has so far garnered more than 3,782,132 likes after being posted to Instagram by the user  @jayprehistoricpets.

Since it is a rare snake many users have asked for details about it. One user wrote, “What is that?!? What type of snake and why is this the first time I have ever seen one? Are they rare? Where are they from? Please tell me more about this type of snake.”

Another user praised the snake writing, “So beautiful and colourful.” Another user says. “Its like the rainbow.”

Watch the video here:


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