You can withdraw up to Rs 5000 from accounts even if you have zero balance amid corona crisis, know details

New Delhi: If you are facing financial crisis and are in need of money amid the the ongoing coronavirus outbreak there is a good news for you as you will be allowed to withdraw up to Rs 5000 from your bank account even you have zero balance.

Here is all you need to know:

The Jan Dhan account was launched by the Narendra Modi government (modi Govt) to bring every human into the banking fold. But today, even after so many years, people do not know properly about the facilities provided with Jan Dhan account, but even today people make the mistake of considering these accounts as a Savings Account. That is why today we will tell you everything in detail about Jan Dhan accounts.

Actually, the accounts opened under Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana are also basic savings bank deposit account, but some of these facilities are more than the rest of the savings account.

Insurance and overdraft facilities are special-

Along with all the facilities of saving account (facility of no minimum balance, ATM card, withdrawal of money 4 times a month) in Jan Dhan accounts, the account holder also gets an insurance of Rs 30,000 with the opening of the account. Not only this, Accidental Death Cover Insurance of Rs 2 lakh and overdraft facility of Rs 5,000 is also available with this account, which is not available in Basic Savings Account.

That is, even if you have 0 money in your account, you can withdraw up to Rs 5,000 through overdraft facility if this account is there. But for this facility you have to agree one thing of the bank. For this, the condition is that your Jan Dhan account (PMJDY) should also be linked to the Aadhar card.

It is important to keep money for 6 months – you can use overdraft facility, but only when your account is at least 6 months old and you have money in the account during these 6 months and you have done transactions from time to time Ho.

You do not need any kind of extra documents to open a Jan Dhan Account. You can open this account by taking it to your basic document bank. This account is also important in the Corona era because all the facilities provided by the government come in this account.

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