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You Can Withdraw Cash From ATM Even If You Forget Debit Card; Here’s How


People go to the ATM kiosks to withdraw cash, however sometimes some people after reaching the money vending machine realize that they have forgotten their ATM debit cards. Now whenever you too forget your ATM debit card while going to withdraw money do not be disappointed as you can withdraw your money from the ATM even without card. In fact, many banks have introduced Cardless Cash Withdrawal at ATMs.

The banks who have launched the Cardless Cash Withdrawal include SBI, Bank of Baroda and ICICI Bank. However, this facility of cardless cash will be available only at your bank’s ATM. You cannot avail this facility from any other bank’s ATM.

As most of the people are unaware about this new facility here we inform them how they can make use to the services. Follow these steps to withdraw money without ATM debit card:

  1. First of all, find out whether your bank offers the Cardless Cash Withdrawal facility.
  2. If your bank provides this facility, download its app.
  3. If you are a SBI customer then download the YONO app.
  4. Go to ‘YONO cash option’, then click on ‘cash on mobile’ option.
  5. If you are a customer of Bank of Baroda then download BOB MConnect plus app.
  6. Then click on ‘card-less cash withdrawal’.
  7. If you are a customer of ICICI Bank, download the iMobile app
  8. Then click on ‘card-less cash withdrawal’
  9. After this fill the amount of cash you want to withdraw
  10. OK the transaction, then enter the PIN of the banking app
  11. The bank will send an OTP to your registered mobile number, which will be for a fixed time.
  12. After this, go to your bank’s ATM
  13. Choose ‘card-less cash withdrawal’ option
  14. Enter your mobile number. Enter OTP which is received on the registered mobile number
  15. Enter the cash amount you filled in the app, the transaction is complete

Benefits of Cardless ATM

  1. The biggest advantage of this is that there is no need to carry a debit card.
  2. This reduces the risk of ATM fraud, ATM cloning.
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