You Can Travel In Train Even With Platform Tickets; Here’s How

Whether traveling long distances or to travel comfortably everyone loves to travel by the train. To travel by train, people make reservations months ago. There are two types of tickets booked for reservation. Tickets can be booked through the ticket reservation window and online but what to do if you have to travel suddenly? For this, most people consider Tatkal tickets as the only option. However, today we are telling you that one can also travel with platform tickets. Don’t be surprised, let’s know what the rules of the railway say.

Travel on platform ticket

If you have only platform ticket and you have boarded the train then there is no need to panic. You can get tickets by going to the ticket checker. Actually, this is the rule of the railway only.

In the Emergency, a passenger can board a train with a platform ticket, but must immediately contact the TTE. Also, tickets have to be cut where you want to go. However, many times TTE may refuse to give you a reserve seat if there is no seat. However, nothing can stop you from traveling. In such a situation a penalty of 250 rupees and travel fare will be charged from the passenger.

What is the benefit

The advantage of platform ticket is that the passenger will have to pay the fare from the station from where he has taken the platform ticket. The same station will also be considered at the time of collecting the fare. The fare will also be charged from the passenger in the same class in which he is traveling.

What to do if you miss a train?

It is often seen that after leaving the train, people are worried that the train was missed and the money was lost. However, you can get a refund even if the train is missed. In the event of a train miss, the passenger can claim a refund of 50 percent of the base fair of his ticket by filling the Ticket Deposit Receipt (TDR). However, you have to do this work within the time-limit.

TTE cannot give someone your seat

If your train is missed, TTE cannot allot your seat to the next two stations. You can complete your journey by arriving before the train at the next two stations. But, after two stations, TTE can allot this seat to a passenger with a RAC ticket.

Even if you lose a train ticket, do not worry

If you have taken an e-ticket for the train journey and after sitting in the train, you find that the ticket has been lost, you can get your ticket by paying a penalty of 50 rupees to the ticket checker (TTE).


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    All the booking counters are closed in India for the Railways. Why circulating the fake news now?

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