You Can Become Lakhpati By Earning Money From The Roof Of Your House; Adopt This Tricks

If the roof of your house is also empty then you have a good chance of earning. Today we tell you about some such business ideas, through which you can easily become a millionaire. This business can give you a good amount of money sitting at home. For this, you will not have to invest too much, although some care must be taken. Let us tell you how you can start this business-

Earn by installing solar panels: The government is also promoting earning from the business of solar plant. In such a situation, if you want to install a solar plant on the roof of your building, then it can not only save your electricity bill, but can also earn it.

Earn from terrace farming: Apart from this, you can also earn through terrace farming. For this, a green house will have to be built on the roof of the building. Where, vegetable plants can be planted in polybags and irrigated continuously by drip system, but this requires special care.

Earn money by installing mobile towers: If the roof of your building is empty, then you can rent it to mobile companies. After installing the mobile tower, you are given some amount every month from the company. For this, you have to take permission from the local municipal corporation.

Make money by getting hoardings: If your building is in such a location that is easily visible from a distance or along a main road, then you can get a good amount by placing hoardings on your roof. There are advertising agencies in every city that do outdoor advertising.

You can contact this agency, who will take hoardings on your roof with all kinds of clearance. However, you have to be cautious whether the agency has clearance before placing the hoardings or else government action can be taken against you. Hoarding rent is determined based on the location of the property.


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