You Can Become A Millionaire In Just Seconds If You Have Old Rs 5 And Rs 10 Coins; Know How

Do you know, you can become a millionaire in just seconds if you have old Rs 5 and Rs 10 coins? These old currency coins can fetch you a lot of money which you can not even think of and subsequently you will become very rich.

According to reports, such chances of becoming millionaire are being given several e-commerce websites.

Basically, there are two ways through which coins in the denomination of Rs 5 and Rs 10 can help people to get more money from the e-commerce websites.

The first opportunity is that you can put up coins in the denomination of Rs 5 and Rs 10 with Mata Vaishno Devi engraved on them for auction on online websites. People are spending huge amount of money to get such coins.

It is worthwhile to mention here that Mata Vaishno Devi is greatly worshipped by the Hindus. These kind of coins was issued by the government in 2002.

The second opportunity that will help you to become rich is that if you have currency notes with the ‘786’ series. These kind of currency notes are highly demanded and popular especially among the Muslims. People spend lakhs of rupees to own currency with ‘786’ series as they are considered auspicious and having them is a sign of prosperity.

Therefore, start searching for such old coins and currencies notes and put them on auction to make some quick money online.

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  1. Siddhant kumar says

    Name a site plz?

  2. Hiran sahoo says

    Mera pass hai old coin notes

    1. Sunny says

      I have coins 5 and 10rs of mata vaishno device coins I want to sell them

  3. Sudhangshu Debnath says

    I have Baishnadevi coins and 786 notes ll also other antique, rare and other countries coins and notes too !! please contact whatsapp — 89020 58398 .

  4. Vijay says

    Which websites to put for auction. Please mention some websites.

    1. Aswathaiah says

      I have 786 series not as well other old notes and coins.
      Please contact : 8147335750


    Mere pass hai old coin 5 Mata vashnodevi ke

  6. Sunil says

    786 rs 100
    Rs 5
    Mobile 9730301826

  7. Aviral says

    I have many coins as above

  8. Raghunath Pednekar says

    I have 5 and 10 rupies coin with Vaishanav devi .

    1. Mohan.K.Badiger says

      Mere paass .20 paise. 25 paise. 50 paise.01 rupee . 02 rupee .05 rupee. 10 rupee .coins hai

      1. Ch.Sivamalleswararao says

        I have 25paisecoinssoyou can sell my old coins in spot cash I have 1lakhonly my grand mother ishospital so you please sell my old coin urgent sir
        Thank ing
        You sir

  9. Vikash baranwal says

    I have coin of 5 mata vaishno devi. Contact me on [email protected]

  10. Nawaz Pasha says

    I have rs 5 coin instrested please text me 00971509464538.


    I have all types of old coins and notes..

  12. NandaKumar K says

    I had both antiques 5 rupees with vaishnodevi and 100 rupees 10 rupees and 500 rupees with 786 series. If u want what’s app : 9600091105

  13. Tanay sd says

    Mere pass hai mata vaishnodevi k 5 and 10 coins if anyone interested.conact me gmail

  14. Tanay sd says

    Mere pass hai mata vaishnodevi k 5 and 10 coins if anyone can conact me

  15. Madhu says

    I too hav such coin but dude it’s fake

  16. Ravinder Singh says

    I have more old Coins and Note I am sale my all Old coin and paper note indian and other countries old coin and paper note

  17. Ravinder Singh says

    I have more old coin and Paper Note my Name is Ravider Singh from New Delhi

  18. SRIDEVI says

    I think its fake n bogus where is the details given in article , pls don’t believe .

  19. Hasan says

    Website Name Please I Have Some Old Coins

  20. Rakesh bhuyan says

    I have 20paise lotos coin 40pic ,20paise mohatmagandhi coin 24pic,10paise16pic,5paise4pic,3paise3pic,2paise3pic,1paise2pic,and centerholl paise3pic he

  21. Ankit says

    I don’t have this coins..but I have “Jawarlal Nehru n’d Indira Gandhi” coin which is very rare.. in a mint condition. Interested people plz contact

  22. Vishu says

    I have sell mata vaishvi devi coin call me

  23. Vishu says

    I have sell my mata vaishvi devi coin

  24. Adv.pradeep ku. says

    Mere pass hai mata vaishno devi old coins 5 and 10 rupees my …Whatsapp no.9795485038

  25. Santosh says

    Site name for auction?

  26. Haseena says

    I have east India company 5 Rupees note

  27. Waseem says

    This all fake guys don’t believe in it.

  28. Chittaranjan Mandal says

    I have lot of British India coins and, republic India coins and notes. 786 notes, Baishnadevi 5 and 10 rs coins,5 rs old notes etc. many kinds of coins and notes, have in my collection for quick sell.please, send me genuine buyer contact number,email id. My mobile and whatsapp number,9064442424

  29. Chittaranjan Mandal says

    I have lot of british india coins and republic india old many kind of coins and notes for urgent sell. please,contact with me to quickly buy.give me genuine buyer contact number and email id?

  30. Srinivas Kasiraju says

    I have mata vaishno devi five rupees coins and want to sell it.

  31. Nitin says

    I have 4 vaishnodevi ₹5 coins

  32. Gurpreet Singh says

    I alsohave vaisnodevi and old coins and notes plz to sell

  33. yahran says

    i have a coin of 5rs mata vashnodevi. how can i sell it pls kindly add the sites name, or u can contact me in this no-+919609031360


    I have Mata vaishno devi coin & old coins also.
    Which website I should follow.
    Or message me on my WhatsApp no. 9150546195.

  35. Sharfuddin says

    Mera pas two vaishnavi devi ke sikke hai

  36. Srihari says

    Please send the website link where we can put auction of 5 & 10 rupees coins.

  37. Santosh says

    Meren pass bhi two silver coin hein jo sann 1907 or1940 ka hein

  38. Mohd Waheed says

    Mere pass hai old coin and 786 series notes

  39. Mohd Waheed says

    Mere pass hai old coin vaishanvi devi 10rs ka and old notes 786 series notes hai …..watsapp no 8297687134

  40. Deshi says

    Yes I have

  41. Sharfuddin says

    Web site plz

  42. Amol says

    I have 10 rupees Coin of Mata Vaishno Devi and also have 786 number note of Rs. 200/-
    If anyone wants please call me on 9325854024
    minimum amount for Sell is Rs 500000/- Five Lakh only.

  43. Suhail ahmed says

    I do have old coins & old notes , other countries as well 9845674330

  44. Sk Shabbir says

    Yes I have Mata Vaishno Devi coin.5rs and 10rs also . My What’s aap number is+918697526170

  45. Rajendra says

    I have this coin if someone wants contact

  46. Rajendra says

    Contect 9785143457

  47. A.kaur says

    I have all types of old and rare coins and notes at very reasonable prices, contact us 9810692777

  48. Ilesh says

    I have 786 series currency

  49. G.mahesh says

    I have old coins 10 are 5 rupees veshnavi devi photo’s coins and 786 notes …….my whatsapp no.9705899729

  50. Sufiyan khan says

    I have ten rupees coin plz mention that website name plz

  51. Mahesh says

    I have Vaishnodevi Rs. 5 coin original,…9898377795… Please call

  52. V.srinivas says

    I have 4 of Mata Vishnodevi coins contact what’s app no – 9542028525

  53. NAVDEEP PURI says

    Yes i have

  54. Zeenat says

    name the site.. I have coins

  55. K N Hari kumar says

    I have 5rs vaishno Devi coins, 10 rs Vaishno Devi coins, 786 no notes 5rs, 10rs, 500rs, i have please mention website my contact no whatsapp 8606826227

  56. Pradeep says



    Mere pas vaishno devi coin he (ru5) sal2012 9913059434

  58. Sachneet says

    I have coins of RS. 5 .. Couly you please mention the website for it..??


    Mere pas 10 coin he (5) sal2012 ke 9913059434

  60. Khargeswar says

    Sar 786 note 100 rupees old coin dragamata coin

  61. Khargeswar says

    Old coin 100.ruppes 786 mobile phones 8895968755

  62. Ashik Sardar says

    Give link that site. I don’t thing it will be sold ever. If exist such site or person please contact.

  63. ramanarayan mallick says

    i posses old coins,notes,786 notes,medals etc

  64. M Rajesh Kumar says

    Please provide site to sell or auction .

  65. Shameena says

    I have lots of old coins and currency s.if any doubt plz see my YouTube channel shazz creative.shazz creative Facebook page.and insat.

  66. Harishyadav says

    S I have that coin

  67. Syed Tanveer says

    Hai I have 10 rupees coin Shri Mata Vaishno devi

  68. Prabhat kumar says

    I have VashnoDevi coins

  69. Mohd asif shah says

    I have coin of 5 ruppes mata vaishno devi coin

  70. Ahmed says

    I have 5 rs old coin with vaishnav devi.

  71. Madhav Laddha says

    I have 5000 coins of 5 rupeee and 10000 coin of 10 rupee of vaishno devi mataa

  72. Samar says

    I have mata vaishno dive coin 7018094651

  73. Samar says

    I have mata vaishno dive coin

  74. Anil jain says

    I have a coin of 5 rupees with mata vaishno devi

  75. Amit Sarda says

    2 min of silence for those who thought it is real. Completely fake.

  76. Naomi Nassey says

    I have vaishno devi coins of 5 rupees and 10 rupees….if interested to buy, contact me on whatsapp 9535015555

  77. Aziz says

    I have lots of old coins ANYONE want plz contact me

  78. Babu Saha says

    I have .. those type of coins.. cont. No. 9641095303

  79. Krishna giri says

    I have one rupees coin in 1979and 2rupess coin 1998

  80. anirban sinha says

    This article is far from reality, becoming millionaire by possessing old Rs 5 or 10 coin is just like finding goldmines from any earth. The sites which you are referring many of them are not having proper knowledge of this field ! For the beginners a good site is Also please visit numismatic fairs and exhibitions, take some education from professional numismatics or archeologists and read books and articles like ICS, Krause Manual etc, that will help from you being into fraud happening due to low or no educations of this field. Hope this explains

  81. Adarsh says

    Mere pass bhi hai coin

  82. Syed says

    Mere pass sabhi notes coins hai

  83. Syed says

    5 rupees coin 10 rupees coin and 786 note

  84. Rahul says

    I have that coin mata vaishno Devi and can tell me the web site …..

  85. RAMESH G K says

    Hai i have a old coins and 786 number rupees if any one interested please mail me ([email protected]) including 5 & 10 maatha coins available.

  86. Tasleem sultana says

    I have vaishnodevi 5rs coins which site should i auction it plz tell me

  87. Mani says

    I have 5rs coins and notes of 786
    Contact me on 9688979456

  88. Zam says

    I have 10 rupee coin n five coin with shri mata vaishno devi shrine board n note with 786 etc..

  89. Samir Kumar Dutta says

    No information on buyers,whom we, the sellers will approach to sell our coins and notes.

  90. Divya says

    I have all old coin in my collection any intrested to can buy it .

  91. Divya says

    Some types of old rare coin available in my collection. I just want to sell that any one interested.

  92. Jitendra Kumar Maravi says

    Mere pass hai 5rs ,10rs coin veshno devi & 100rs note 786 last no

  93. Mohan.K.Badiger says

    Mere pass 100 rs 786 number note hai our 10. 5 .rs coins hai
    Wattsap .no…9731898775
    Contact .no…8310133175

  94. Amit says

    I have Vaishno Devi coin and old notes also other old Indian coin please contact WhatsApp number 9560271801

  95. Bibhuti jena says

    Mera pas 5/2/1/100 ka purane note or 1 ru bada orchota còin or 5ru or 10ru mata vastavi kao amporiar 1941 tamba or silvar coines hi

  96. Jitu says

    I have a coin 5 rupees of mata vaisnodevi contact 7002629519

  97. Mohd Rafiq wani says

    Sir I have five coins Mata Vishnu wali.

  98. Rahul mane says

    Sir t have 3 coins mata vishnu wali

  99. Rahul mane says

    Mo 9321196987 Sir t have 3 coins mata vishnu wali

  100. Gyan Pokhariya says

    I have some Indian veshnudevi tens rupees coins and one of those victoria Empress one rupee coin indai I want to sells

  101. Brijesh Vaish says

    I have rs 5 mata Vaishno Devi shrine coin

  102. Shivraj Sawant says

    I have old 5 rupees coming mata vaishnav devi and other old coins and notes so contact me on what’s app

  103. Manoj says

    I have 5 and 10 rs coin Mata vaishno Devi interested can WhatsApp me 9670734241

  104. Sanjiv says

    I hv 786 series one ruppes note. Please contact 9124112552

  105. Winifred Sophia Ross says

    Name a site where I can sell old coins

  106. Mohammed basheeruddin says

    Hi I have 5 rupees old coin

  107. Shankar says

    It’s a fake news
    If it’s true they will give site name or contact numbers of buyers,
    Don’t waste your time….

  108. Sandeep says

    I have 5 rupees vandal series 786786
    Call 6260801603
    WhatsApp 9977291456 for sell

  109. Haaris says

    I have 786786 note of 10rs. In a brand new condition.. intrested buyers may contact me at 8802260001

  110. Kalanand bharat waghmare says

    Mere pass S5 rupees vaishnavi Devi coin hi aur aur 5 rupees Indira Gandhi old coin hai my mobile number 8999486611

  111. Prabhu Kumar says

    I Have Few 5rs Vishnavi Devi coins
    Contact if req 7093395799

  112. Pragati says

    I have 5/- and 10/- coin with mata vaishno devi engraved on it
    A 100/- currency note with the number 786 at the beginning
    I want to sell these on decent rate
    If anyone interested call me on 8007091852
    Thank you

  113. Aysha says

    I have 5 rs coins(2)

  114. Sanjay says

    I have 5 Rs Coins as below:
    One 5 Rs with Bhagath Singh in Silver
    Two 5 Rs with with Matha Vaishnavo Devi in Gold
    One 5 Rs with Chanakya in Gold
    One 5 Rs with Maulana Abdul Kalam Azad in Gold
    One 5 Rs with Food & Agriculture in Gold
    2 KONEEK Russian USSR 1984 Brass coin
    If interested call me 9032-894145 – Hyderabad

  115. Kishore Sinha says

    I have an Indian 5 rupee coin of 1919-1994 ILO marked

  116. Kishore Sinha says

    I have an Indian 5 rupee coin of 1919-1994 ILO marked and interested to sell it with a better price.

  117. Balram Yadav says

    I have a 10 rupees coin of Matavaishano Devi

  118. Prashanth kumar says

    I have one 5 Rs coin of shri mata vaishavi devi u can cal or mesg me in watsup to this no 7675980335

  119. Albin. says

    Sent the photos of matha vaishno devi coins to 9447660603 .

  120. Devendra says

    I have old coins and currencies (which consists of number 786) if u r interested then contact me on 8850253318

  121. Khan says

    I have vaishnodevi coin 5 rs
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  122. Mohan.K.Badiger says

    I am sell .
    20 paise coins
    25 paise coins
    50 paise coins
    01 rupees coins
    02 rupees coins
    05 rupees coins
    10 rupees coins
    Naya paise coin
    Qwrter anna coin
    5 rs tractarwala note.
    Total all 258 pesess
    all selling items

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