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Here’s how Moonwalker: The fastest shoes in the world can increase your walking speed by 250%


Robotic Engineers of US company Shift Robotics have designed bizarre and incredible world’s fastest shoes, that could make users walk 250 percent faster than usual speed. Notably, the fastest shoes are equipped with eight wheels that aid in increasing the user’s speed.

Like roller skates, this rare yet creative footwear also includes a feature named moonwalker. The moonwalker is actually a strap around your shoes that drives you ahead using tiny electric motors that power weight wheels.

The idea of inventing this unique piece took birth in the thought of the founder. The founder realized the deficit of the powered shoes when he started walking to work and thought of inventing this masterpiece to reduce his commute by more than half.

It is to be noted here that, the fastest shoes in the world till date possess the ability to increase walking speeds from the average of 3mph up to 7mph.

Those who require speed can purchase the techie-wear for $1,399 (Rs 1,15,148.47). 

The team also stated that the moonwalker is the future of walking.

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