World Radio Day: Puri Artist Crafts Replica Of Radio Using Matchsticks

Puri: An artist from Puri of Odisha has crafted a model of radio by using 3,130 matchsticks to mark the World Radio Day.

The artist Saswat Ranjan Sahoo told ANI, “In making this replica of the Panasonic stereo, I extend my support to all the radio programmes and request all the people to listen to radio programs regularly. It took 4 days to built this replica using 3,130 matchsticks”.


World Radio Day is celebrated worldwide on February 13. The day is celebrated to promote and encourage the people to use radio.

The international sand artist Sudarsan Pattnaik also paid tribute to the radio inventor Guglielmo Marconi at Puri beach on this occasion.

“Radio is one of the largest and oldest media platform in the world, hence the celebration is important” said the sand artist.


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