World famous ‘Lanka Podi Jatra’ kicks off in Odisha’s Daspalla

Nayagarh: Revelry gripped Daspalla area in the district yesterday with the beginning of the world famous Lanka Podi Jatra on the occasion of holy Sri Ram Nabami, the birthday of Lord Sriram.

Better known as Mahaveer Kshetra, Daspalla wore a festive look to mark this 12-day-long event which is famous for its open pandal presentation of ‘Raam Leela’. The jatra is considered as the 3rd oldest yatra of its kind after Rath Yatra (Car Festival) and Dola Yatra (Dola Festival).

During the celebration, daily one episode of Ramleela, the great epic of Ramayana, will be performed as a part of the practise. The Jatra culminates on the 12th day with the killing of demon Ravana by Lord Rama.

The major attraction of the Jatra is a movable 35-feet tall wooden idol of demon king Ravana and his Pushpak Biman.

All the actors taking part in the Ram Leela performance observe ‘brata’ for the entire period of the festival.

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