Woman officiates marriage between husband and ex-lover, trio to live together

A woman in Tirupati district of Andhra Pradesh got her husband married to another girl in a traditional way. The ceremony was conducted in a temple. This has become a topic of discussion at Dakkili mandal in Tirupati. The man named Kalyan is a popular social media content creator who completed his degree and started making videos. He hails from Ambedkar Nagar of Dakkili.

He got to know a woman named Vimala from Kadapa. The couple started off as friends. Later, their relationship blossomed into love and soon they got married. The couple created many videos together and successfully attracted many netizens through their efforts.

While the couple were leading a happy life together in Ambedkar Nagar, a woman named Nitya Sree came to visit Kalyan a few days ago. Nitya Sree is also a famous content-creator from Visakhapatnam. Kalyan and Nitya Sree were earlier in a relationship. However, due to some unavoidable circumstances, both of them broke up. There was no communication between the two.

One day, Nitya Sree went to meet her ex-lover and there she came to know that Kalyan is already married. Even after knowing that the man is married to someone else, the woman pleaded with folded hands and begged Vimala to let her marry Kalyan. Both Nitya Sree and Kalyan put forth the proposal of the three staying together under one roof.

After knowing her husband’s love for his ex-lover, Vimala agreed to their proposal and officiated their wedding with all the traditional rituals in a temple. The trio clicked a picture as well which has now gone viral on social media.

  1. WtF says


  2. Aakriti Jain says

    Vomit on all 3

  3. Risa says

    She has no self respect….I mean if you want to be that great then devorse him na …..what crapy living together

  4. Akash says

    A good decision.

  5. Lata says

    I personally can not share my husband, a very lame person will do this, may be this is only good for the social media, I would spit on them

  6. Laveena says

    Worst thinking …coward Man …Stupidity
    Every human has only one heart same way a Good Family is an example of One Husband for One Wife. These stories are of not a Good Family. This is like other stories.

  7. Ashrr says

    The woman who has approved this should also marry another person so 4people can stay together men and woman equality can be an option

  8. Simi says

    Hopefully he will be as understanding when she falls in love with another content creator and four of them can live happily ever after:)

  9. anna Devi g subramaniam says

    Am not God to judge anyone. At some point, am happy. But the other point of view. Can’t accept. For me, sharing a husband is NOT caring. Maybe Disaster. Really hoping both Vimala, Kalyan and Nithya Sree, will start a beautiful life and NO JEALOUSY PLEASE.

  10. nonsense says

    Absolutely sick!!! In a society where live- in is not easily accepted how is this being tolerated..even if that foolish wife for reasons best known to her is accepting this marriage it will be null and void as this is a Hindu marriage and he can’t have a 2nd wife unless they have divorced…

  11. Shailendra Singh says

    There is no harm in this, as all three have agreed to this.

  12. D Ganesh says

    Unless a complaint is lodged either by anyone of the wives, police are fettered. This is the law of our land and that is why many a politician and officials are surviving with many wives and surfing on many women.

  13. rezz says


  14. Random girl says

    Influced by titocker influencer armaan Mallik

  15. Ann says

    Content creators

  16. S. Rajaram says

    This is utter rubbish. We have something called Law Of The Land. Where did that go?!

  17. Sheeloo Rajaram says

    What rubbish is this?! There is something called Law Of The Land. What is being done in this case?

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